Zombies Are People Too…Kinda

Oddee.com has gathered eight hysterical legal examinations of pop culture, including – you guessed it – zombies. Check out the article for the full explanation, but the highlights are as follows:

1. Zombies were people, once upon a time, which means they had the same legal rights and responsibilities that you and I have. The real question is: are they still considered humans?

2. If zombies are not considered human, you’re legally free to slaughter them; just be careful not to accidentally kill an un-infected person while you’re at it.

3. If zombies are considered humans, you can kill them, but only in self-defense or to defend others.

4. Are zombies legally responsible for the people they kill? What if there’s a cure, like in Warm Bodies? Will the zombies-turned-humans be thrown in jail for the crimes they committed during their un-dead phase? (Ryan Davidson from Law & the Multiverse takes on this question in the article.)

(We’re not the only well-respected, professional business to “realistically” discuss the legal rights of zombies. Vista Criminal Law wrote Is It Legal to Kill a Zombie in California? and the Huffington Post has an article called Zombies May Not Be Legally Responsible for Eating Bra-a-a-ains.)

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