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Contracts: Self Preparation vs. Hiring a Lawyer

Advances in technology have made life easier on a daily basis. From finding local businesses simply by searching online to researching just about any topic under the sun, the Internet has literally put a world of information at your fingertips. Unfortunately, this also means that a lot of novices are no longer turning to the experts for advice and services. The problem is that while you can find a vast amount of information online, there’s no guarantee that your source is accurate. Also, the Internet cannot always provide specific information for your unique circumstance.

When it comes to your business, clients and finances, it’s always advisable to have an attorney prepare – or at least look over – your contract. Sure, there are hundreds of downloadable legal forms and contract templates to reference online for free. However, if you make one small mistake, you could end up with a lengthy and expensive litigation process down the road. This alone makes it worth having an attorney involved in drafting your contracts.

Your contract lays out the rules for your business. At Angelino Law, we can help you devise a contract that fits your business and any situation you may be in. Plus, we know how local courts and laws interpret and regulate contracts, as well as standard business practices in the area. Your contract will be drafted to protect you and to avoid common problems.

Common Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes that people make when writing their own contracts is using too much legalese. Unclear, vague and ambiguous language can work against you should you go to court. Many courts will put the blame on the person who drafted the contract if there’s unclear language. While a contract needs to cover all necessary grounds, it should not be clogged with wording that’s difficult to make sense of. An attorney will know how to simultaneously include all important provisions while writing in a clear, concise manner.

Another mistake that many businesses tend to make in their contracts is leaving out important, essential provisions, like termination processes or rights to content. Often, these provisions – some of which may be particular to your business – are not included in a basic contract form.

Aside from hiring an attorney to draft or review your contract, you may need one to represent you in court for a contract case. No matter what your contract needs, Lorenzo Angelino will be able to offer services geared toward your circumstances. Contact Lorenzo Angelino at (845) 214-1133 or for more information or to book a consultation.