2014 Is Here…and So Are Lots of New Laws

Sobering up from your wild New Year’s celebrations? Good – because you have brand new laws to adhere to throughout the country. These laws went into effect on January 1st and hopefully you haven’t broken any of them yet. 1. Colorado was the very first state to legalize recreational marijuana use, quickly followed by Washington. … Read more

3 Headlines We Love From Lawyers.com & Their “Weird News” File

Arkansas Hits Bob-Haired Teachers in the Pocketbook Bob haircuts have been popular forever, but if you live in Arkansas and work as a teacher, it’s a crime to be stylish. If an educator dares to sport this apparently offensive hairstyle, they could be punished by not getting a pay raise. Read the full article Read … Read more

10 Weird Laws You Won’t Believe Are Real

At Angelino Law, we may be major supporters of everything local, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see outside the Hudson Valley, either. Want to stay in good standing no matter where you travel? Heed these 10 incredibly strange laws from around the world. 1. If you’re a minor in South Carolina, don’t even think … Read more