Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage Makes History

There’s obviously one huge, gigantic piece of news in the world of law today & it seems silly to write about anything else for this blog post. Instead, here are a smattering of articles dedicated to today’s ruling. From “Gays and lesbians celebrated historic gains Wednesday in their fight against laws limiting same-sex marriages, … Read more

3 Interesting Real Estate Articles

Real estate seems to be a hot topic right now, from locals talking (and Tweeting) about it online to clients asking about their options. In today’s blog post, I’ve rounded up three interesting articles about the topic. Enjoy! What Should Economic, and Real Estate, Development Look Like Upstate? On, a blogger from our area … Read more

The Basics of Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a judicial process wherein two parties who are in a dispute resolve the problem through the court system. In the U.S., there are formal procedures and rules for every stage of the process. A civil litigation lawyer handles civil cases, as opposed to criminal cases. To initiate a civil action, the plaintiff … Read more